Fantastic Players. And Where to Find Them (with Data Analysis).

The What and the Why.

Data analysis is no longer seen as that boring and tedious thing in which some bar and pie charts are built from some tables. So, what changed? Probably the ability to understand data, to extract value from it, to visualize and communicate it. The ability to tell a story with data. An ability that has been shaping the way we see ourselves and the World around us. And that was exactly what led me and some amazing friends to develop this project for the course of “Analyzing and Visualizing Data”.

The How.

So, let’s briefly explain what we did to build the dashboard. Since the goal was to infer some insights from the past transfer window, the group needed a dataset containing that information, and this is where the famous website Transfermarkt stepped in. After a web scrapping made with python, an initial dataset was generated, containing the information about the top 1.791 transfers of this Summer.

League Overview
Team Overview
Player Profile

Some “I didn’t see that coming” insights.

A World apart? The centralization of broadcasting rights changed the English football, to the point of allowing the smaller clubs to spend enormous amount of money in the market. Proof of that is the 7th position the Championship (England’s second division) occupies in the top leagues with the highest expenditure level (with 160M€).



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João Gouveia


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